Janice Morgan

Coaching since 2000.


Competed in Canadian Championships in 1990 (Novice Pairs) • Gold Freeskate, Gold Dance, Gold Figure, Gold Interpretive Dance, Senior Competitive Singles, Novice Pairs • Specializing in Freeskate, Skills and Off ice Jump • Conducted off ice jump class seminar at Central Ontario Section Road Show 2004 • Seminar in Kincardine, Ontario. On and ice-off seminar 2004 & 2005 • Mariposa Seminar. Off ice jump 2005 & 2006 • Eastern Ontario Section Youth Camp Napanee, Ontario September 2006. • Off ice jump and warm up seminars in Ottawa (2008) and Thunder Bay (2008) –

  • Athlete Management
  • Off ice Training Dynamic Warm Up
  • Off/On ice jump technique