Mind To Muscle

Mind to Muscle is a sports medicine and athletic training centre, providing professional services in advanced athletic performance and injury care. Mind to Muscle is the official training centre of the Barrie Colts. Our expert staff and state-of-the-art training equipment, make Mind to Muscle the choice of the Colts. “Our players have made huge strides in their overall conditioning since working with Mind to Muscle. As a coach it gives me great confidence to know that my players are pushed to train their hardest”. visit: www.mindtomuscle.ca “Creating Opportunities. Discovering your true potential. Getting involved in where you want to go. Pick people who can and will make the difference. Mariposa chose Mind to Muscle. Make your choice, NOW!” DOUG LEIGH, World Championship/Olympic Medalist Coach, and Founder, Mariposa School of Skating


Mind to Muscle is an athletic conditioning center focused on providing optimal health and athletic performance. M2M’s clientele includes athletes of ALL AGES, ALL LEVELS, and ALL SPORTS. RESULTS GUARANTEED! Are you motivated? M2M delivers professional instruction, education, and programming in a focused environment to achieve optimal health and athletic performance.