Rebekah Dixon

Coaching since 1999 — Level 2

A Personal Biography

The Three Most Important Things…

Understands Figure Skating from a Competitive Athlete and Coach Perspective

Rebekah grew up in Nova Scotia “eating, drinking and sleeping” Figure Skating. She competed at the Junior Ladies level and recalls herself as a “mental skater”, always physically prepared for competition but many times allowing her nerves to negatively affect her performance. She continued her love for the sport by achieving NCCP Level 2 Certification and has over 15 years of experience in singles coaching and choreography. She knows firsthand the kind of dedication and commitment required to excel in this sport and how training the mind can take performance to the next level.

Mind-Body Performance Specialist

Rebekah is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line TherapyTM, and Hypnotherapy. More recently she has created the Mind-Body Performance Coaching Program and Workshops, empowering individuals with the tools to achieve peak athletic and life performance. The results are athletes equipped with skills that benefit the Whole self! Rebekah knows that the techniques she teaches would have benefited her own skating career immensely and this is why she is so passionate about sharing this information with young athletes. She works with skaters, coaches, and parents in workshops, one-on-one, and in groups.

Specialist in the Field of Human Development

Rebekah completed her Masters in Developmental Psychology at the University of London, in England in 2005. She has taught at the university and college levels in Psychology and Human Development and has worked in positions as a mentor, facilitator, and educator, supporting and empowering individuals and families.


Mind-Body Performance Workshops

“The Skate Canada Eastern Ontario organization engaged Rebekah Dixon to present a tailored session which focused on empowering individuals to make positive changes in their life, define the steps to be taken to achieve both short and long term goals, and provide the extra impetus often required to stay focused on what they need as high performance athletes and coaches. The feedback on the presentation was very positive and appreciative – I would highly recommend her!”-Gregory Rochefort “I have amazing news. I am thrilled. Remember that little blonde haired girl (10 years old) that had her axel and lost it and it has devastated her over the last 8 weeks? …I had told her about her mind being the only thing holding her back on Monday mornings lesson and then you spoke to her about the EXACT same thing…it just seemed to relieve her stress and give her a determination to know she could do it. Tonight she landed the axel again! It was wonderful!” Kim FergusonAthens FSC

Workshops focus on….

  • Providing education on and tools to train the Unconscious mind in connection with the body.
  • Getting outside the comfort zone to produce peak performance.
  • The power of thoughts and how they influence behavior.
  • Setting SMART practice and performance goals.
  • Creating more productive, purpose-driven practice.


For Coaches and Skaters

Is Your Young Athlete….

  • Struggling to deal with the stress of competition?
  • Stuck in a rut, lacking motivation, and feeling lost?
  • Refusing to set goals because of fear of failure?
  • Experiencing self-doubt and low self-esteem that is affecting performance?

Want to help your athlete take their performance to the next level?

Mind-Body Performance Coaching

Aim: Training the mind, at the level of the physical body to produce peak performance. When the mind and body are working together, and in alignment with an athlete’s goals, success is the result!

Coaching includes:

A 30 min coaching call per week with the athlete where we progress through a series of questions and discussion to bring clarity to what the athlete wants to achieve, the action steps to take daily, monthly and weekly to guarantee success, etc.

A 30 min coaching call per month with the parent to ensure the concepts taught and tasks requested during the process are understood and fully implemented and that we are all on the same page.

Email correspondence with the athlete’s coach to ensure tasks requested are consistent with his/her expectations and are being implemented.

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